Speed Boost Program

Speed Boost Program

The ExergenIR Speed Boost System is a productivity enhancing concept which, by optimizing and properly controlling process temperatures, can dramatically increase production speed while assuring high product quality.

The key is the controlled application of heat at various points in the process at rates balancing the desired increase in speed. The precision measurement required for accurate control is provided by Exergen's proprietary non-contact infrared sensing technology.

ExergenIR technology works at every stage of the process. Ensuring that warehoused raw materials run optimally when they arrive on the production floor. Increasing production speeds while actually improving product quality. And increasing packaging line speed with total confidence in the integrity of every package; Exergen sensors read the heat signature of each package to ensure it is filled and sealed properly, ensuring the validity of every product and package that leaves your plant.

The ExergenIR Speed Boost System consists of Exergen IRt/c non-contact infrared sensors for precision thermal measurement and control, a controller/data acquisition signal processing module and certified accurate Exergen D Series handheld surface temperature sensors for calibration. Additionally, Exergen SnakeEye sensors validate both product and packaging prior to shipping.

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