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Measuring metals with any Infrared device is always a challenge. The first thing to do is coat, paint or condition that surface so that it becomes less reflective and has a higher emissivity. If that can't be done, a series of adjustable model IR thermocouples with Low Emissivity filters are available. The LoE filter blocks out reflective energy that contributes to errors when measuring metal surfaces.

For applications in molten metals, steel processing, machining of metal parts, heat treating, blast furnaces, preheating, galvanizing, tinning, reheating, coke ovens, induction heating, and rolling mills, the adjustable LoE models are suitable. For temperatures >500F/260C the self powered, adjustable LoE sensors can be calibrated for t/c output. Otherwise mv signal output tables are available and two color pyrometry can be utilized.

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Exergen has the solutions for monitoring plastics, the Technotes below define several case studies in which the plastic is affected by temperature, and IR temperature sensors are the fasted, most reliable, and accurate way to do so:

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