Exertherm Electrical Monitoring

Exertherm Electrical Monitoring

Increase Reliability and Uptime on Electrical Equipment

IRt/c.EM™ is a patented technology designed to provide continuous 24×7 thermal monitoring of mission-critical electrical equipment such as key busbar terminations. By sitting inside enclosures, the IRt/cEM detects the location of potential problems before they become an emergency. They require no external power, come with lifetime calibration, and connect to Exertherm™ acquisition cards to transmit data to the host system via industry standard Modbus protocol.

Exergen Corporation has been pioneering the development of this revolutionary technology in partnership with QHi-Group. It includes:
• Small, non-contact IR sensors that provide ΔT reading
• Prediction of electrical failure before an event via user-defined alarms
• Improved facility and operator safety (Arc Flash & NFPA-70E)
• Integrated real-time data [BMS / EMS / SCADA] 24×7 365 days a year
• Unique definable thermal map when combined with load data from metering [this doesn’t make sense]

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Unique Technology

The Most Reliable Infrared Temperature Sensor with 1,000+ year MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) Rate.

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