Exertherm Electrical Monitoring

Exertherm Electrical Monitoring

Increase Reliability and Uptime on Electrical Equipment

IRt/c.EM™ is a patented technology designed to provide continuous 24×7 thermal monitoring of mission-critical electrical equipment such as key busbar terminations. By sitting inside enclosures, the IRt/cEM detects the location of potential problems before they become an emergency. They require no external power, come with lifetime calibration, and connect to Exertherm™ acquisition cards to transmit data to the host system via industry standard Modbus protocol.

Exergen Corporation has been pioneering the development of this revolutionary technology in partnership with Exertherm. It includes:
• Small, non-contact IR sensors that provide ΔT reading
• Prediction of electrical failure before an event via user-defined alarms
• Improved facility and operator safety (Arc Flash & NFPA-70E)
• Integrated real-time data [BMS / EMS / SCADA] 24×7 365 days a year

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Unique Technology

The Most Reliable Infrared Temperature Sensor with 1,000+ year MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) Rate.

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