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Exergen Corporation, through its agreement with Eurotherm Controls, is providing linearization tables for the Eurotherm Series 2000 Controllers (2100, 2200, and 2400). These files may be downloaded directly from the listing below. Please refer to the table to find the right file for your IRt/c model.

For Windows users: right-button-click on the file name, select “Save Link as…” to specify the location of the file on your computer.
For Macintosh users: click and hold down mouse button to select “Save this link as…” to specify the location of the file on your computer, select Format as “Source”, and “Save” to begin the download.


Standard Model Precalibrated IRt/c’s

ModelTemperature Range (°F)Temperature Range (°C)Target SurfaceLinearizationFileLast RevisionDate
IRt/ - J - 50F/10C-50 to 860-46 to 460Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ50.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 80F/27C-50 to 1040-46 to 560Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ80.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 140F/60C-50 to 1150-46 to 621Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ140.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 180F/90C-50 to 1230-46 to 666Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ180.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 240F/120C-50 to 1300-46 to 704Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ240.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 280F/140C-50 to 1415-46 to 768Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ280.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 340F/170C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ340.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - J - 440F/220C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCJ440.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 50F/10C-50 to 1015-46 to 546Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK50.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 80F/27C-50 to 1270-46 to 688Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK80.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 140F/60C-50 to 1360-46 to 738Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK140.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 180F/90C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK180.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 240F/120C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK240.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 280F/140C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK280.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 340F/170C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK340.MTB11/13/98
IRt/ - K - 440F/220C-50 to 1445-46 to 785Non metals/Oxidized metalsIRTCK440.MTB11/13/98

Specialty Model Precalibrated IRt/c’s

ModelTemperature °FRange °CTarget SurfaceLinearizationFileLast RevisionDate
IRt/c-.10-PC-HiE77 to 85125 to 455Non metals/Oxidized metals10PCHIE.MTB3/26/98
IRt/c-.20-PC-HiE392 to 1351200 to 733Non metals/Oxidized metals20PCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.2038-PC-HiE608 to 1751320 to 955Non metals/Oxidized metals2038PCHiE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.20316-PC-HiE752 to 3812400 to 2100Non metals/Oxidized metals20316PCHiE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.4X-PC-HiE140 to 197660 to 1080Non metals/Oxidized metals4XPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.5X-PC-HiE248 to 4532120 to 2500Non metals/Oxidized metals5XPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.100-PC-HiE1112 to 6512600 to 3600Non metals/Oxidized metals100PCHiE.MTB2/27/98
IRt/c-.4CF-PC-HiE194 to 116690 to 630Non metals/Oxidized metals4CFPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.2/15CF-PC-HiE199 to 120293 to 650Non metals/Oxidized metals215CFPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.6MF-PC-HiE158 to 140070 to 760Non metals/Oxidized metals6MFPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.4XLF-PC-HiE842 to 3236450 to 1780Non metals/Oxidized metals4XLFPCHiE.MTB4/15/98
IRt/c-.10-PC-LoE500 to 1994260 to 1090Uncoated metals10PCLoE.MTB3/27/98
IRt/c-.20-PC-LoE932 to 2912500 to 1600Uncoated metals20PCLoE.MTB4/16/98
IRt/c-.100-PC-LoE1652 to 6692900 to 3700Uncoated metals100PCLoE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.2/15CF-PC-LoE599 to 2282315 to 1250Uncoated metals215CFPCLoE.MTB4/16/98
IRt/c-.2/18MF-PC-LoE662 to 2156350 to 1180Uncoated metals218MFPCLoE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.6MF-PC-LoE698 to 3182370 to 1750Uncoated metals6MFPCLoE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.2/15LF-PC-LoE932 to 2912500 to 1600Uncoated metals215LFPCLoE.MTB4/17/98
IRt/c-.7LF-PC-LoE662 to 2480350 to 1360Uncoated metals7LFPCLoE.MTB4/17/98